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Motion Control Suspension (MCS) has proven to be the evolution of premium Motorsport damper systems. Our team is continuously developing and refining our damper technology that is vastly different than other manufacturers, developed through hands-on involvement in GT and Touring Car racing. While our roots are in the highest levels of professional sports car racing, our products excel in all environments, from enthusiastic street driving to auto-cross, track days, to club racing and far beyond. Our dampers are produced from the best materials available. We have created one of the most advanced, reliable and race winning suspension systems in the market today. Our team is proud to offer you these new systems, our proven worldwide expertise and the best customer service in the industry.

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More About MCS

MCS is much more than just a great product. Our group has worked together over the last two decades, providing you with unparalleled dampers, support and service. We have many years of practical racing experience on and off the track, extensive knowledge of vehicle dynamics, an understanding of driver expectations and needs, an unblinking eye for detail and the motivation and desire to constantly achieve more. We are a company fueled by the success our products achieve in your hands. Our customer support is valued as the best in the industry, which we feel is the only level that allows us to support your efforts, make you quicker, and share our joy of winning with you.